Monday, January 28, 2008

New Mama Tip #23

I have boxes and boxes of photos from my childhood...before the age of digital cameras. I really enjoy pulling them out to reminisce; however, they are in complete disarray, and I am afraid they are going to get ruined if I don't do something to organize them. I'm not sure what method to use, but here are a few tips I found online:

Better Homes & Gardens offers these suggestions here and here.
There are many companies that will scan your photos for you to preserve them, and provide you will digital copies.
Or, check out these beautiful photo albums...which will definitely provide hours of entertainment.

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Raychill said...

And another for those of us who have 2500 digital photos sitting on our computers . . . :) I love the digital books you can order online. It takes a couple of hours and you can organize years worth of photos. I think it's less expensive than buying the prints, and scrapbooking them (and I don't scrapbook anyway). Check out and (Heritage Makers stores your pictures forever!)