Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Mama Tip #13

One of my new years resolutions has been to organize my recipe collection. It is currently housed in a binder that started out very organized, but hasn't been easy to keep that way. So, in my quest to find the perfect solution I've been scouring the internet. Here are a few options I've discovered:
  • For a very professional organization of your recipes, you can use to make them into a beautiful hardbound book. This is perfect if you have a large collection that you would like share with friends and family.
  • Here are some step-by-step instructions for the binder method...if you would like to try it.
  • Check out this blogger's post about her own recipe organization techniques.
  • shares very helpful tips to organize your recipes on your computer...
  • There are also several recipe organization software programs....examples here, here and here
Once I decide which system to use...I'll let you know! If you have a system you would like to share....please do!

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