Monday, January 28, 2008

New Mama Tip #22

I have great only complaint is that my sense of smell is heightened so much I can't stand the smell of anything, i.e. the kitchen sink, my refrigerator, sometimes my husband, and almost all cleaning products.

So, in my attempt to keep my kitchen sink and refrigerator clean, but without using harsh smelling cleaning products I turned to the Method Home products. They are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and smell delightful...or if you would prefer you can buy the unscented versions. You can buy them directly from their website or from your nearest Target. They not only smell wonderful, but also clean wonderfully.
They offer products for cleaning your entire house, as well as doing your laundry, dishes, mopping your floors, cleaning your air, and body care products. My favorite is the eucalyptus and mint scented tub and tile makes my whole house smell so fresh and clean! I will definitely continue to use these post-baby.


Raychill said...

I use Soft Scrub to clean just about all of my hard surfaces and bathroom stuff . . . I guess it works great because it is packed with toxic bleach! ;) Do any of the Method products work as well as Soft Scrub?

Emily said...

I don't know if the Method products work as well...since I have never used Soft Scrub...guess you will have to try, compare and let us know!