Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend Calendar Pick: Butterflies & Orchids

We celebrated my daughter's 2nd birthday yesterday, and the celebration will continue this weekend at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

While my daughter definitely wants to see the giraffes and elephants, I am hoping to see the butterflies and orchids exhibit opening tomorrow!

Here's all the details!

Delicate colors and fragrant aromas fill the air as the annual Butterflies & Orchids event flutters in March 15 at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park . Each year, animal care staff at the Wild Animal Park receive butterfly pupae which they house and care for until the delicate insects emerge in all their colorful finery. At the height of the event thousands of butterflies can be seen in the Hidden Jungle aviary, floating through the air, eating bits of fruit and nectar or cautiously landing on a guest's hat or colorful shirt before taking flight again. In addition, hundreds of beautiful orchids will be on display in Nairobi Village adding color and fragrance to the event. Butterflies & Orchids runs from March 15 through April 6. The event is included with admission to the Wild Animal Park.

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