Tuesday, March 25, 2008

San Diego Mama Favorite: Biz Detergent

Anyone who has a toddler knows the incredible amounts of clothing that can be ruined in a single afternoon at the park. My daughter can manage to get dirty pretending to cook hot dogs with her toy kitchen.

So, what's a mom to do short of buying a new wardrobe every month? Use Biz Detergent. This is seriously a mom's best laundry friend.

Anytime Amelia gets a stain on her clothes (or mine for that matter) I just soak it in Biz overnight. The next morning...everything is good as new!

And, if you want a milder version for your baby's sensitive skin use Biz Baby.

As far as laundry stain removers go Biz really is better!


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

I'll have to try some Biz. I'm stuck on the 'ole Tide.

But for soaking super-bad organic (food and poop) stains, I've had a lot of success with a mixture of Borax and Cascade (the dishwasher pwd) and HOT water. Works even on those stains that "appear" after clothes you thought you packed away clean get unpacked dirty.

Emily said...

Jane - keep using your tide...just soak in Biz beforehand...they work great together!

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