Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You Renewed: Week 2

Week 1 Recap - I LOVE stretching every is a great quick pick-me-up. I am definitely going to keep doing this and make it a habit! I'm going to continue looking for ways to include more veges in my adding broccoli to my lunch salad each day.

Now for Week 2!

EAT - Focus on Fiber
This week's focus is on fiber - fiber improves colon health, reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, and helps lower bad cholesterol in the body. So...those are pretty good benefits. The You Renewed book says "If it comes from the ground, it has fiber in it." High fiber foods include beans, vegetables, fruit and whole grains. My goal this week is to eat more whole grains...and I've already started. My husband and I decided to eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning - it is helping us save a little money each week in our food budget and start our day right (try adding a little soymilk...its delicious!). And, tonight I made homemade rolls. Normally I make them with white flour...but tonight I used wheat...and they were just as yummy. Try to think about ways in your week that you can replace your regular food with something higher in fiber!

MOVE - Keeping your Heart Happy
This week's move section talks about keeping your heart happy, finding your target heart rate zone, and how to find your Body Mass Index. I work out regularly already, but I am going to make sure that my heartrate is in the zone that's right for I am getting the best workout! Find your target heartrate zone.

THINK - When It's OK to Indulge
Everyone loves to indulge and the You Renewed book says it's OK...and even good for you! Just follow the 90/10 rule. Only indulge 10% of the time...use the rest of the 90% to eat healthy meals. So, if you eat 21 meals in 7 days...that's 2 indulgent meals. Yum!

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