Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You Renewed: Week 1

This week begins my first week on the Henry's Farmers Markets "You Renewed" 6-week program. The program is divided into 3 sections each week: Eat, Move & Think. Here are a few tips from the program!

The Eat section for week 1 focuses on increasing antioxidants in your diet. I've heard a lot about how certain berries and even chocolate have high levels of antioxidants, but I'd never heard about the antioxidant benefits of many vegetables including arugula, broccoli, cabbage, radishes and turnips to name a few. If your family is anything like mine, these vegetables aren't going to be a welcome guest at the dinner table, even if they are going to help mama look younger. So, I am going to sneak some broccoli into teriyaki veggie bowls this week and make one of my favorite pasta dishes.

The Move section for week 1 focuses on increasing flexibility. After reading the list of benefits, I really want to incorporate more stretching into my day. My goal this week is to stretch for 5 minutes when I roll out of bed each morning...hopefully it will "lengthen muscles and tendons to reduce the risk of injury" as I lug my infant's carseat around town.

This section focuses on successful goal setting. The tips to setting successful goals include writing down your goals (check...see my goals above) and enlisting help from others (that's you San Diego Mamas...check out our forum and get involved).

Want to learn more about each section? Stop by Henry's and pick up your own copy of the "You Renewed" booklet.

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