Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Location: Water H20 = Life Exhibit

Where: The San Diego Natural History Museum
Basic Info: Check out their website for basic visitor info.
Exhibit Dates: Runs through November 30

Overview of the Exhibit:
Water affects the lives of every creature and plant on Earth. Every language has a word for water, and this ever-present yet precious substance influences art and cultures around the globe. Using innovative technology, hands-on activities, live animals, and captivating imagery, the exhibition allows visitors to explore water in its many forms and uses.

San Diego Mama Review:
A few weekends ago my husband and I decided to check out the new exhibit, Water H20 = Life, at the San Diego Natural History Museum. After spending several minutes trying to convince my daughter that the "water" falling from the ceiling at the entrance of the exhibit was not going to get her wet (it was only a dry-ice effect), we entered the exhibit and enjoyed learning about water in many forms. The exhibit was interesting, had many interactive games and was definitely educational.

My 2 year old enjoyed watching the water...and even created a little water exhibit of her own on the floor of the museum (the museum staff was wonderful in helping get it cleaned right up); however, I would recommend the exhibit for children ages 6 and up...since they can read and will enjoy the interactive games much more.

Amelia did enjoy the rest of the museum very much. She loved the animals, dinosaurs, and as all 2 years do...the elevators.

There is definitely fun for the whole family to be had at the San Diego Natural History Museum!

A good day to check out the museum...November 1...Family with admission...see details here.

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