Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Location: Bay of Play

Where: SeaWorld San Diego Sesame Street Bay of Play - a two-acre area in Sea World full of family-friendly rides geared toward smaller children...especially since Elmo is all over the place. There is not an additional entrance fee...its included with your admission.

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San Diego Mama Review:
Right after I had Miles my husband took our daughter to the Bay of Play to get her out of the house. There were several rides geared toward children ages 3-5.

My daughter was too scared to ride any of the rides, but did enjoy the "bounce house" area. Even thought she was too timid to ride the rides, there were plenty of young children enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Here she is with my husband waiting for a ride to start. The picture was taken right before she decided she didn't want to go on the ride and got can see she doesn't look too excited.
My husband spent about an hour in the play area before they headed to the rest of the park.

I don't think I would go to SeaWorld just for the Bay of Play, but it was definitely an added bonus to the day! And...Amelia has talked about SeaWorld almost every day since then, proclaiming that she wants to go back to SeaWorld and go on the fun rides.

If any of you Mamas have been to the Bay of Play please share your experiences!

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