Thursday, June 5, 2008

Guest Post: Taking Better Photos of Your Children

Since Miles' birth almost 3 weeks ago I think I have taken more than 400 photos of him from every angle....just hoping to catch that perfect shot. I've always wished that I had a professional photographer in my pocket to pull out anytime my children were acting adorable (which is frequent with a newborn at home)...someone like Gina Geigley, a San Diego Mama who is going to be giving photography advice each month here at our San Diego Mama blog. Hopefully with her advice we can all capture more of those perfect moment with our kids.

Check out Gina's first photo tip below!

A Rule in Composition. The Child's Perspective.

What is a photo? It tells a story - freezes a moment, keeps your child little forever, if just in a 4×6 ratio. Thinking of photos in that way it makes sense to start shooting from their perspective. You're telling a story - telling how small your child is/was, how big the trees look to them, how the world seems like an enormous and grand place.

How do I shoot from their perspective? Get to their level! When photographing a baby you'll often find me on my belly completely horizontal to the floor, with toddlers crouched down or sitting opposite them. So moms & dads - roll up your sleeves, put on your sneakers and get to your child's level.

What we're going for here is instead of standing in the backyard telling your child to look up at you - crouch down and call their attention then, SNAP!

Happy Shooting!


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