Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Meet The San Diego Mama Behind...

Having a baby can be a difficult (but beautiful) time in the life of a Mama...and the Dad too. Danielle, the mama behind Soothing Mama Birth Services, realized the need to help women as they go through their pregnancies, give birth and then recover. Check out her great "After Birth Necessities" gift baskets, or if you are expecting...she offers birthing classes, doula services and counseling support.

Meet Danielle!

How long have you lived here?
I have live in San Diego for 7 years. I moved here from Boston after returning from Nicaragua.

Why did you start your business?
I became interested in birth several years ago when some of my friends were having children but also through my Women Studies classes. I was shocked how birth is treated in this country, how many women feel powerless in the hospital settings, and the messages that we are telling women about listening to their inner self and the ability to birth naturally. Soon after that I attended a training as a Labor Doula, or birth support; and then was trained as a “Birthing from Within” Childbirth Preparation Mentor. I do both of those now from my office at Premium Birth Services. After the birth of my son I realized that I was missing the postpartum part and began making Soothing Mama Bundles, which are filled with after-birth necessities for mom’s healing.

What is your favorite thing about writing running your business?
My business is still fairly new but I love the autonomy, the ability to do what I am passionate about, and the hope that I can make a difference in the lives of the women whom I work with.

What is your all-time favorite thing about living in San Diego?
I really love how accessible things are here. I can drive to Mexico, Balboa park, downtown, hillcrest, the beaches, La Jolla, and north county. I can get up in the morning and decide what I feel like seeing and doing, and go ahead and do it.

Where is your favorite place to eat in San Diego?
Wow, that is a difficult one- I guess it depends on my mood. I love Lefty’s Pizza in North Park, Indian Palace downtown, Mama’s Kitchen in South Park, Bali Hai Restaurant in Shelter Island (wonderful view!), and La Torta in PB. I also love Thai restaurants, and some of the Italian spots in Little Italy.

Where is your favorite place to go with your child/children in San Diego?
My child is only 4 months old but we take walks in Balboa Park and by the beach when my husband surfs.

Where is your favorite place to go without your child (with your husband or girlfriends)?
I feel like I haven’t been out in a long time but I use to love to go dancing. I would go out to little spots and listen to local bands (Winstons, Belly Up, or spots downtown), and I use to love going to a small bar called Bar Dynamite. Now that I am a bit older and have a child, going out to dinner and drinking some nice wine is great for me.

Any insider San Diego secrets to share?
I think SD has a great variety of eating and shopping possibilities. I would definitely recommend trying out lots of places, the “flavors” of the different neighborhoods like how OB and PB are different, or the restaurants & shops in Hillcrest or South Park, etc. SD has so much to offer and after 7 years, I still haven’t done it all.

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