Tuesday, November 6, 2007

San Diego Fire Relief Fundraiser

Join SanDiegoMama.com, SanDiegoBargainMama.com and SanDiegoTravelTips.com in the San Diego Fires 2007 Disaster Relief Fundraiser, and help two families who have suffered due to the tragic wildfires.

The Deehan Family
Tim and Susan Deehan and their children, Ryan (a senior in high school) and Kayla ( a third-grader), were forced to evacuate at 5 o'clock on Monday morning, October 22, 2007 from their Poway home. They watched from just 6 miles away as the fire destroyed their neighborhood.

Just less than a week after the fires, Tim and Susan, like many others, are hustling to catch up with important business affairs. Amidst all the anguish and sense of loss, they must also tend to the supervision of the debris crew and all of the rebuilding/recovery logistics, run their family business, and uphold their commitments to church, school, and extra-curricular activities. Unfortunately, they were unable to take many of the basic necessities a family needs in an evacuation process, so they, like many of their neighbors, must start from scratch to build their lives anew.

Tony Brencola
On Monday, October 22nd, Tony received a call he could not anticipate. His co-worker called suggesting that he might want to check out his house in Fallbrook. The house had been purchased merely seven months ago. The Rice Fire was on the move and it was approaching the area of Tony's home. Given the immediate mandatory evacuation notice, Tony was able to retrieve only a couple of his belongings, just minutes before his Valley Oaks Park home went up in unforgiving flames.

Tony, like the Deehans, is starting to rebuild his life, and just wants a “a place where I can stay, to be with my daughters.”

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We are not a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, therefore no tax deductions are allowable.

In order to ensure your confidence that any and all contributions (financial or gift cards) will be distributed to the proper individuals, we ask that you make the contributions in the name of the individual(s) you wish to contribute to.


angle45 said...

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Emily said...

Thanks so much for the tip!