Thursday, October 2, 2008

You Renewed: Week 4

Week 3 Recap: I'm half-way done with the "You Renewed" program, created by Henry's Farmers Market nutrionist Janet Little. So far I've added deleted bad fats, started stretching first thing in the morning, added more whole grains & fiber to my diet and practiced creating and completing goals.

If you haven't purchased your copy of the "You Renewed" to Henry's. It's only a dollar, and takes only a short-time to read through it. Go get your own copy and follow along!

Here's Week 4

This week the focus is on how to dine out successfully. I try not to dine out very often, especially with a tight budget, but sometimes dining out saves my sanity! I love the tips in the booklet for dining out successfully!

Dining Out Successfully
– Ask for healthier substitutions
– Avoid buffets
– Avoid fried or breaded foods
– Limit alcohol
– Check menus online or phone ahead with your
questions and special needs
– Hold the bread, crackers, chips and salsa
– Look for “heart healthy” choices
– Request that sauces, gravy and salad dressings
be served “on the side”
– Stick to low-calorie sweeteners, low-fat salad dressings,
salt substitutes, low-fat or nonfat milk, unsweetened tea
and diet drinks
– Trim the fat from meats and remove the skin from
your chicken or turkey before eating it

The move section focuses on adding steps to your day. With a toddler and a baby in my house I don't sit around very often, but I even have room for improvement. I plan on going on a walk with my kids after dinner (if this crazy 90 degree weather will ever end!). It will get my kids out of the house right before they go to bed, and help us all settle down.

This week's Think section focuses on de-stressing your life. With my husband finishing graduate school, my two toddlers and San Diego can get crazy. The Think section offers several tips for de-stressing (get the booklet to learn all of them!) favorite is instructions for taking complete deep breaths:
– Suck in your stomach, drawing your
belly button towards your spine
– Exhale thoroughly
– Now expand your belly button outward,
drawing in a full breath
– Then allow your ribs to open out
– Repeat 5 to 10 times

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