Wednesday, September 5, 2007

San Diego Favorites - Henry's Farmers Market Granola

I shop at Henry's every week, without fail. I buy all the good produce Henry's is known for, and the breads, and the yummy Italian soda, and the great kettle cooked chips. But, there is one reason I go back to Henry's every week...the bulk granola!

You can buy as much as you would like, it's always fresh, and with at least 10 different flavors, there is something for everyone in your family.

My favorites include the french vanilla granola, the low-fat strawberry raspberry granola and the honey almond granola. There are many flavors I haven't tried yet, and they are always introducing new flavors, like the new ginger snap flavor.

I eat my granola everyday for breakfast with some of Henry's low-fat vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit. And I often finish my day with a bowl of vanilla ice cream and granola.

That's the beauty of granola - it can brighten both ends of your day!

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