Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hi and Bye.

I can't believe I haven't blogged since last Thursday....Yikes! I am back for today, but gone again tomorrow for the weekend. So, I thought I would share a run-down of things I've been meaning to blog:

Since the election is next week, I need to finish doing my research on all the issues and candidates...I'll be checking out the Smart Voter Guide for San Diego. Take a look for yourself!
Basically the guide gives the details for every candidate and issue on the ballot.

And, if you want to vote on Tuesday, but don't have anyone to watch the kids...then we have the solution for you! SanDiegoMama and teamed up to offer discounted babysitting on Election more here!

Cakies is my newest favorite blog to read...what a creative gal, and mama of 2.

Check out the great article
on about bringing the outside in...just in time for fall...from scrapbooker and crafter extraordinaire, Emily Falconbridge.

And, I'll be back next week with my last "You Renewed" post and some more fun stuff...especially with the holidays coming. Hopefully our weather will cool down!

See you next week!